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Sam Squared is a pair of Sam's.
The two Sam's are pretty much always together,
and can be found as the center of attention most of the time.
Because the Sam's are known as best friends they
are very similar and have lots in common.
Everyone loves them as individuals and especially when
they are together.
Sam Squared is a pair of two amazing Sam's that
are great.
And if lucky some people are greeted with a Samwitch.
Hey look there goes Sam Squared!
Here comes Sam Squared!
Hi Sam Squared.
by Hello Kitty Kitty October 27, 2010
A Samwitch is a hug given to one individual by two Sam's at the same time. The Sam's are normally on the outside of the hug and the person receiving the hug is in the middle. Therefore making a "Sam"witch.
I just got a Samwitch!!!
by Hello Kitty Kitty October 06, 2010
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