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b.is.po.in {buh-ees-po-en}

1. to provide false empathy

2. to dismiss the validity of the emotions of others

3. to listen for sound, but not understand intent

1. girl, I was trying to tell my boss about this situation with a coworker, but he was bispoin' me. i think he was doing sudokuo & drinking a pbr. He said he would get right too it & felt bad. jerk.

2. I tried to tell my sister I was upset because my ex slept with our mom. She said she was upset because mom wore her sweater today. She is bispoin' me all the time.

3. Yes, I told him that I was a bartender, but I mentioned before that the last time I did it was 5 years ago, and now he thinks I want to do it again. Agh, bispoin' stupidhead.
by Hello B October 07, 2007

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