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A label is how we identify something. Often used on soup cans, jars, boxes, and other containers.

In middle and high school, often used to define cliques. There types of labels, such as prep, punk, goth, nerd, skater, etc. that are often determined by how one dresses or the music one listens to (as opposed to their personality) and are inaccurate and may be considered offensive by some people. These types of labels also often cause people who relate with seperate groups of people to call other groups poseur, which then causes even more social problems in middle and high schools. People who choose to label themselves are often insecure. If you're truely happy with who you are a label is not important, and you probably won't care whether you're labeled or not. You know who you are, and that's what matters.
1. The jar full of blueberries is labeled 'blueberries'
2. "Look at those goths over there! They're so WEIRD!"
3. "Those girls with the Slipknot T-shirts on are such poseurs!"
Blink 182 is a band that hit it big in recent years. For any of the dumbasses who took the time to post about how they DISLIKE the band, fuck off, no one cares.

Just because a band's sound develops and they gain fans doesn't make them any more or any less who and what they were. It should be about the music, not the image.

Whether you like or dislike the band is your opinion, but there is no need to bash a band that other people enjoy listening to.
Blink 182 has several albums including Budda and Dude Ranch
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