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1 definition by Helllooo:)!

One of the best schools in the world with the #1 ranking by the Princeton Review in AP CompSci, AP Psych, AP Chem, and AP Calc BC/Multivariate Calc.

Dumb bitches who wrote those other 2 definitions, you guys were probably just too stupid to get in.

Also happens to cost fricken $42,000 a year.

Absolutely beautiful campus with a $25 million building, Nichols Hall, the first gold-LED building in all of Santa Clara County.
"Heey, look at that Harker kid! He goes to THE HARKER SCHOOL!"

"Whoaa, his first car is a Bentley and he also took AP Calc BC in 8th grade -___-"

by Helllooo:)! September 14, 2010