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2 definitions by Hellatightshit

A shared lexicon amongst a group of lesbians. Also a top 5 iPhone autocorrect
Lesbian A: "Evan, this hot dog makes my dick hard"
Lesbian B: "Chloe, I am so adding that to the lezicon"
Lesbian C: *Eating pizza crust*
by hellatightshit April 19, 2011
Drunkenly peeing the bed when company is over and blaming it on them in the morning
"Dude, did you bang that chick last night?"
"Yeah bro, but I was so wasted I pissed the bed"
"Did you blame it on her in the morning?"
"No, why?"
"Then you, my friend, missed a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY"
by Hellatightshit January 06, 2010