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Is a naturally occuring phenomenon, that happens only once in a persons life.

It is an event of expellation of human waste equal to the force generated by 10 subsequent earthquakes.

It usually fills 5 meters of the human intestinal tract at one time.

Scientists believe its cause to be linked to the pulling of the moons gravity.

Friend 1: Hey man, just wait a second, I got to drop a dumping shard.
Friend 2: I'll prepare the ceremony outfits.
by Hell Rebs December 27, 2007
A term used in conjunction with questioning words such as who, what, where, when, why and how.

Is usually used in the context related to a choice of movie when visiting a cinema, but can be used in generally any application.
Friend 1: Hey man, lets go see that new film, "PS, I Love You".
Friend 2: Dude.... A Cinemawhy?

Friend 1: Listen man, my brother stashed five grand worth of coke in his mattress, we need to steal it off him and sell it.
Friend 2: A Cinemahow?
by Hell Rebs December 26, 2007
A rare model of dryer created in 1990's. Only one was produced, and the manufacturer ceased production of new products straight after.

The name was created by a deranged lunatic, who had escaped from the Psych Unit and smeared the name on the pavement with his own excrement. The creator of the Bombing Dryer walked past this turd-tag and was instantly inspired.

The only existing model is located in Rockingham, Australia and is often seen traveling around the town with a group of people known as Bruzzez.

The only other product created by the manufacturer was a van which also was one of a kind. (See - Soonus Man Van)
"A,A,A,A Bombing Dryerrrrr"
by Hell Rebs February 21, 2008

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