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A person who purposely seeks out only red heads for sex. This person wants to sexually conquer all redheads exclusively.
Eric "Wow you see that ginger?" "You know what that means? Redhead fire in bed" "I'm gonna put out that fire"

Jesus, Eric is such a fucking gingernymph!
by Hefty-n-Handy Smurf April 06, 2010
A person who does not like any birds that are not song birds. This person has a distict hatred towards non-song birds especially those that are black. They try to shadow their hatred of blackbirds by saying they are "not prejudice"
Wow look at that robin. It's beautiful..yeah but did you see that fucking European Starling..that thing is so noicy and black..it's a fucking annoying bird!

Wow you are a fucking songbird-supremisist!
by Hefty-n-Handy Smurf April 06, 2010
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