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3 definitions by Heff Garsha

A guy who uses his xbox achievements to pick up the ladies
Humberto: Hi ladies, how's it goin'? You girls wanna hang out?

Girl 1: No, we have to do stuff

Humberto: Well what if I told you I had the "What are you trying to prove" achievement?

Girl 2: What the hell is that?

Humberto: It's something special from Left 4 Dead, just like the two of you.

Girls: laugh and walk away

Humberto: Slowly dies inside

Random guy watching: That's the saddest thing I've ever seen. What an achievement scrub.
by Heff Garsha August 16, 2010
The sexual act of wetting one's pinky, sticking it in an anus, and quickly retracting it to make a wet popping noise
Guy 1: Bro did you bang her last night

Guy 2: You know I did. Even gave her a little extra surprise

Guy 1: Pinky Steve?

Guy 2: (Troll face)
by Heff Garsha May 04, 2011
a person that steals other people's ideas for the sole purpose of trying to be cool around people that don't care about them.
Humberto: Hey I'm gonna let my hair grow out. It's totally original

Jeff: I did that last year and you called it gay so it's not.

Humberto: Technically I am.

Jeff: Technically? So that means no.

Humberto: But at least I'm gonna get ladies now

Jeff: God damnit you're such a dick wad
by Heff Garsha August 16, 2010