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2 definitions by Hector P. Schmedley

a variation of "alright" that is often used to signal one's desire to bring a conversation (in-person or on the telephone) to a conclusion. It precedes the final goodbye at the end of the conversation.

Similar to "alright then", or "okie-dokie"
Alrighty, sounds good, I'll talk to you later. Bye!
by Hector P. Schmedley July 16, 2010
73 32
A roll or wad of paper money that looks impressively large but is composed mostly of one-dollar bills. The roll may be enveloped in a $20 dollar bill to make it look more impressive.
Person 1: "Look at all these singles in my wallet!"

Person 2: "That's quite a Minnesota bankroll!"
by Hector P. Schmedley July 16, 2010
8 5