1 definition by Heavy grunger who is on a mission to kill all townies

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a bunch of cool guys who listen to rock,heavy metal punk ect. as long as its got electric guitars,bass, drums in it.like moshing

they are unique and are friendly with just about anyone but townies.They actually lead a life instead of sucking up to those fu**ing townies,grungers dont go with the crowd(which is gay townies).they wear baggy jeans and tops and chains which are actually COMFORTABLE so they sometimes look a bit messy

Townies are always trying to be nasty to grungers cos' they are jealos or other stupid reasons.But normally the insult comes out the same e.g "your a dic*" or fu** off!
this happens because townies have no intelligence at all cos' they dont go to school
Townie: Oi! wha' u lookin at!
Grunger: Your ugly face
Townie: Come on den!

(grunger will fight if ther is only 1-2 of them,but will run if there is 20 cos' townies are to afraid to stand up for themselves or scared of getting hurt)

Townie: You runnin away! You afraid of me!
Grunger: Yeah-im afraid your attracted to me!
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