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I Thought I Should Clear Up Its Not Only Emos Who Self Harm.
Emo Is More Of A Music Genre, Stupid People Just Call People Who Listen To Emo Music Emo. Fools!
Its Not Nice To Be Labeled..Should Emos Go Round Calling Evryone Who Takes The Piss Out Of Them CHAV!
No, Thats Stupid Prejudice!
People Go Through Rough Times And Just Like To Be Left To It And Not To Be Judged
Some People Think Emos Are Just Like Drama Queens Who Are Pessamistic.
Just Because Yooh Fuckers Have A Great Life Quit Making It Worse For Us.
And Also...Yes Emo boysLike To Wear Skinny Jeans.
I Find It Quite Offensive How Nearly Evry Defenition On Here Is Slating "emo" Fuck Off!
Give People A Break They Are Normal 2, Just View Life Differently
ChavvyBoy: Eww Why Yooh Be Wering Skinny Jeans For?
HotEmo: Whye Are Yooh Wering Tracksuits & Burberry
ChavvyBoy: I Like These Clothes
HotEmo: Well I Like Mine, Dude Give Me A Break. Were The Same, Im Just Not A Sheep Like Yooh And Everyone Else! :P
by HeavenlyDemonic September 14, 2007

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