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Something that directly relates to n00bish behavior.

for example, something is n00balicious if n00bs enjoy it, use it, or misuse it (being that they are n00bs).


n00blalicious can be a way to describe particularly n00bish actions by someone
" damn, i can't believe he doesn't know how to direct his character. that's completely n00balicious"


"The way Rose acts around boys is completely n00balicious... she looks like an idiot"
by Heather and Madison June 19, 2007
Someone with blaxican and blasian parentage. (making them 1/2 black, 1/4 asian, and 1/4 mexican). These people usually sport mullets, enjoy picking fruit, rap music, gang fights, and Dance dance revolution. Instead of Burn they often use the phrase zoom zoom zoom.
Damn! i got shot by a Blaxicasian
by Heather and Madison June 19, 2007
used when eating a healthy meal, when you really want to be eating a fatty mcDonald's sandwich.


when you get overly excited and tell your skinny friends you're goign to replace them with mcDonalds workers.
"I'm Mcplacing this crappy salad!"


by Heather and Madison June 19, 2007
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