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An adjective to describe a person who is completely preoccupied by their personal possessions and identifies their status purely by the size of their city-driven, over embellished, environment destroying Dodge Ram or rice mobile.

Word orgin: "Happy Days" character
That guy is so chauchy driving around the city like he owns the 'effin road!
by Heather OfTheGardens June 08, 2006
Any person that thinks they're so damn good at attracting the opposite sex; whether true or not.
That chauchy guy over there dancing with all the ladies is such a friggin slutbag!
by Heather OfTheGardens June 08, 2006
An expensive sleek or sporty car, usually adorned in colours yellow, black, red, or deep blue with a spoiler on the back; driven by chauchy asian males at dangerous speeds. Usually paid for by their rich doctor parents.
Did you catch a glimpse of that rice-mobile go speeding through that red light?
by Heather OfTheGardens June 08, 2006
A male that dedicates all of his time to pointless, socially-inept, timewasting activities such as: Dungeons & Dragons, Magic, or World of Warcraft. This in turn leads to a state of girlfriendlessness and smelling like armpits and sausage.

Word orgin: amalgamating the words nerd and dork.
This comic book store smells like armpits and sausage because those norks over there are playing Magic.
by Heather OfTheGardens June 08, 2006

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