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2 definitions by Heather Darroch

1. A person with radiance that comes only from within.
2. Or something you eat, wear or buy that is priceless.
Oh girlfriend, did you see the hottie? He is JUBILICIOUS! Glowin' all up in here, boy, you be JUBILICIOUS!
Give me some of that JUBLICIOUS clam chowder you make mom, please. Give it here, give it here! I need it, I want it, I love it!
by Heather Darroch September 24, 2007
28 6
stems from the adj. jubilant (showing great joy, satisfaction) an unforgettable, amazing, or undeniably incrediable chic and stellar time, place, article, person, thing. Or, an overwhelming feeling of joy, and fabulousness.

That skirt is like soooo JUBI!
The waves are looking mad JUBI today! Let's ride...
What a JUBI time!
I feel JUBI!
Like WOW! That was definitly JUBI.
by Heather Darroch September 23, 2007
11 9