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black-eating the female or train
green-outdoor sex or sex in the kitchen.
blue-cyber sex
light blue-blowjob with handle bars
pink-hickey on the ass
orange-sex with orange flavored condom
red-becomes a whore for someone
navy blue-indoor sex
brown-anal sex or doggie style
grey-sex on a trampoline
clear-good for one good orgasm
yellow-one night stand
white-blue balls on a rock
gold-pussy eating competition
silver-dick sucking contest
clear gold-toss my salad
clear green-69 or sex in the library
clear pink-sex with a older person
glow in the darks-hot and steamy sex in the dark
lime green- threesome or foursome etc.
any other color- all the above.
A guy walks in sees a gurl in the library with a clear green braclet. He breaks it.She jumps on him and they have sex.
the end
by Heather, Kim, Steven,Danny February 11, 2005

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