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A sophisticated pro-ana website. Many members exhibit nearly all symptoms of having an eating disorder, but refuse to believe that they have one. They feel that because they do not make posts such as "omg I love ana <333" or openly acknowledge eating disorder-related behavior, they are not sick. Sections dedicated to slamming celebrities, such as Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, because they're "fat and disgusting," feed the insecurities and childishness of members.

A BMI greater than 18 is considered "fat" by the girls on Skinny Gossip. 500 calorie diets are encouraged, and some members (who are very thin to begin with) go for days on end consuming nothing but water. Members are so deluded and infantile that they will verbally assault and harass anyone who makes mention of how unhealthy and hazardous their practices are.

Denial, secrecy and anonymity are major themes of the site, which is probably because the site's creator and the majority of members are most likely not whom they say they are and/or are actually FAT. To gain access to the site, you have to email pictures of yourself to the site's owner. The hierarchy and exclusivity on the site are extreme and create an incredibly immature and stupid atmosphere. If you're a woman in her mid-twenties who's feeling insecure and wants the mental feel of middle school again... this website is perfect for you!

***If the thought of gaining 20 pounds makes you feel depressed and anti-social, there's something wrong. Please get help.***
Member 1: I'm fat!!! Not Skinny Gossip standards at all!!! I'm 5'6 and 120 pounds.

Member 2: It's okay!!! Why don't you try a diet of nothing but baby food and water for the next four weeks???

Member 1: Okay!!! Maybe then I'll finally be a little less depressed and self-loathing!!!

The majority of members on the site are NOT **actually** skinny by the site's own ridiculous standards, yet they are extremely hypocritical and will berate others who are not as well. Many members have also admitted to an eating disorder, depression, and/or other mental health issues.
by Healthy and Sane August 20, 2013

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