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Gerard Way? Difficult to define. Twenty-eight. A dark angel. An amazing musician. Charismatic, exceptionally talented, mysterious, and beautiful. The lead singer of the most amazing band in the world, and responsible for lyrics that reduce me to tears every time I hear them. Also - very friendly in person for anyone that is curious! I met him last week and he was a pet! :)
Gerard Way rocks my stripy socks like no other. It's not for nothing he's my god.
by Headfirst For Halos November 19, 2005
he's a fucking god to thousands, including me. and anyone who posts anthing to the contrary, just be aware that i would gladly hunt you down, rip out your eyeballs and sew your testicles into their sockets before torturing you with a switchblade and force feeding you pieces of your own diseased anatomy. you know who you are, bitches. now get the fuck off and go masturbate to balamory.
i can't use names but if i could.. those fucks who diss gerard way are about to receive some disturbing news..
by Headfirst For Halos November 19, 2005
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