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when someone is being inappropriately serious in a otherwise non serious situation, so seriously they threaten violence and serious threats. They often view the internet as very SRYS BUISNSS, and take offense when you are being not school serious on the interwebs. They enjoy taking to a crowd of people that are on the same level of Magedy Seriousness, how often rare that is. Their favorite pastimes are checking Wikipedia for VAGRANTS AND HOOLIGANS as well. Your resistance makes their penis harder.
Man, that dude was a serious maged. Look at the way he pulled that knife on Carlos SpicyWeiner for telling that racist joke. He's a Danger to society, and he's dun goofed!

God I cannot Believe Carlos SpicyWeiner's Girlfriend, she ruined his vacation with all that drama she created with the seriousness. The monthly floodgates must have broken and the red river must be aflowing like the mississipah. i hope this drama doesnt affect this weekend, this maged isnt gonna blow up my fun.

A Maged is a latin slang term for killjoy, so in technicallity its a Serious Killjoy
by HeadMaster Bater July 27, 2010

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