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4 definitions by Head Ington

Suffix: Added to the end of any and all words in order to make them sound sophisticated/English. Especially words that already end in "ing" or "ington" Has no significant meaning.
I am Readington.
You suckington.
by Head Ington May 12, 2009
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The Admiral of The Kiddo Koalition. One of three leaders joined by Vice Admiral Bobert and Rear Admiral Smash. Informally known by Cap'N Kiddo when appropriate to address as such.
Captain K. Kiddo is the superior in charge.
by Head Ington May 03, 2010
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A Coalition based upon justice for those who have none but deserve it from counter-racism, strict conservative moral systems and the creators of the Ingtonlish or Kiddoton dialect.
I was amazed at the power of The Kiddo Koaltion.
by Head Ington May 03, 2010
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Ingtonlish is the dialect used by members of The Kiddo Koalition. Is based off English but has differences especially in the use of the suffix "Ington" and "...head". Also uses excessive rhyming with socially inappropriate words.

(Synonyms) Kiddoton
I am very good at speaking Ingtonlish.
by Head Ington May 03, 2010
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