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one who seems happy to go through life in a allmost homosexual frolicking manner not realy skilled nor capable of much normally an anoyance
you would have little or no respect/confidence in this person

also known as someone who likes to masturbate to an excessive degree
"damn it lenny quit being a wanker and help us get this done"
"you did it again? whats wrong with you ya wanker"
"aww look little timmys balls just dropped and hes allready spankin it hes gonna grow up to be such a wanker"
"Geroge bush is a wanker, but thats taking it easy on him"
by HeYzUs December 21, 2005
a slang nick name for someone who roller blades normally in a derogatory way commonly directed from skateboarders to roller bladers
thats all it is has nothing to do how rollerbladers think they are hardcore cause they can go bigger on something attached to them requiring less skill
"look at that fruit booter roll"
by HeYzUs December 21, 2005

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