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Having sex with a pair of asian girls who are joined at the genitals with a sex toy, or a piece of fruit, while playing a video game at 125 frames per second in 1600x1280 resolution.
"That LAN party was intense, it's a good thing i was running in SLI mode!"
by He Is Risen Indeed October 02, 2007
The act of riding one half of an SLI mode pair to unconscious orgasm, placing her limp body into a taxicab, giving the driver fare and the name of the street she lives on ("she's a little drunk, she's just resting"), and later having sex with her enraged older sister, who returns later in another taxicab to dispense justice on you.
"That component was burnt out, so i RMA'd it."
by He Is Risen Indeed October 02, 2007

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