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Hazleton's psychotic and mentally retarded version of the after school programs in urban areas. Instead of attracting children, it attracts adults that act like children.
I was totally pro life before I went to the Hazleton Drop In Center. Now I support abortion, sterilization and even death camps after seeing those sick fucks!
by Hazletard in Chief November 21, 2011
The equivalent of the {Mile High Club] for {Stone Couchers]. To be part of it you must have urinated, defecated or fornicated on the Stone Couch.
Stone Coucher 1: I just took a piss on the Stone Couch. I'm so notty.

Stone Coucher 2: Nigga please. I fucked a dead hooker I found on Highland Road riddled with bullets on there. Even in death, you can join the Stone Couch Club.

Stone Coucher 1: Word my nigga. Word.
by Hazletard in Chief November 21, 2011

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