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Hazbowl is the worlds most sexy and well known human of all time, yet not much is known about this fascinating creature. Hazbowl has the ability to apear in random locations, and looks like a buff surfer guy. But don't let his sexiness deceive you. Hazbowl is renown for putting people into "trance" like state. While in this state, you have no control over anything you do or say, that is up to the Hazbowl to decide.
random guy1:Hey man, is it just me or did a Hazbowl just apear over there?
random guy2: I don't know man, but maybe should get out of here, Hazbowl is one dangerous sexy beast!
random: Yeah you're right man, let's get the hell out of here!
by Hazbowl August 25, 2009
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