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The Harry Potter shipping of Professor Minerva McGonagall and Potions Master Severus Snape. Often thought sick, squicky, and gross by some, due to Minerva's and Snape's extreme age difference, though I saw a woman, who was really pretty and she was like eighty, no plastic surgery either, for you Cher fans out there! Some though, find the Poison Kitty, or Snitty, ship to be most sweet, sexy and enjoyable. Mostly book Minerva, who is old, yes, but still quite beautiful, unlike sucky movie Minerva, who is all...wrinkly!!!
Me: ~Drools~ Merlin, that Poison Kitty fanfic was steamy, I think I fogged up my computer screen!

Stupid HP Fan/Poison Kitty Hater: Eww, that is so nasty, McGonagall's an old bat!

Me: ~Smacks with a baseball bat~ NO, MAGGIE SMITH IS, NOT MINERVA!
by Hatterkazoo July 11, 2006
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