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The overwhelming sensation one gets when surrounded by too many bros (young men generally characterized by open shirts, spiked hair, mixed drinks, and extreme self-confidence).

Dude, we have to get out of this night club, I'm on broverload.

I can't go work out at the gym anymore, it puts me on broverload.
by Hashim Negrodamus March 10, 2009
A classic American favorite cuisine. The "bro" insert is put in place simply when this dish is being consumed by a group of bros (young males generally characterized by open shirts, popped collars, mixed drinks, and unusually high self-confidence).
Wow, looks like the cafeteria is only serving Macabroni and Cheese today...bummer.
by Hashim Negrodamus March 27, 2009
When someone's head is completely dislocated from their body, but remains attached by the neck skin.
When the skier collided with that lift pole, he was internally decapitated.

Man, that girl is ugly. She looks like she suffered from internal decapitation at birth.
by Hashim Negrodamus January 09, 2009

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