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when you lay youre favorite "material" out in an arc shape in front of youreself. you then precede to masterbate furiously, once you reach the point of no return you must chose which page is youre favorite and gift them youre donation.
i walked into pauls room last night, he was sitting on his bed surrounded by magazines having a cresent wank...
#wanking #cranking #pornography #masterbation #jerk off #bashoing the bishop #slicing the salami #pulling the bango
by harry axe wound March 09, 2009
an item of clothing although typically underwear which is worn solely for the purpose of attracting the opposite of sex and getting laid.
i knew she wanted some c*** when she revealed her loincloth
#loincloth #underwear #clothing #tarzan #sex #horny
by Harry axe wound December 12, 2008
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