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The act of a sexually aggressive and dominant woman pouncing on a man where she proceeds to essentially rape him. The man is compliant enough to go along for the ride, but afterwards feels a bit like he would rather not have bee involved.
A: "Can you pass me the tea towel"
S: <pounce and root>
A: "Damn, I've been panthered again. I feel so dirty and used"
S: <animal roar> "Now get me some pie"
by Harry Dixon-Balls April 13, 2008
A word to describe when there is shit everywhere
Hepatits Joe: "Man, there is shit everywhere"
Metho Tom: "You could say it is poobiquitous, Hep Joe"
Hepatitis Joe: "Cool, it's poobiquitous. Lets get out of this shithole and grab some beers."
by Harry Dixon-Balls April 23, 2008
A word to describe when there are pubes left scattered around everywhere
Dave: "You can tell when GP is working, the toilet is pubiquitous"
Mark: "Does that mean there is shit everywhere"
Dave: <laughs> "No, you're thinking of poobiquitous. The difference is subtle but significant. Pubiquitous means there are pubes everywhere. I think that guy has some weird disease"
Mark: "Testicles"
by Harry Dixon-Balls April 23, 2008
The pink and fleshy part of a woman between her legs. (aka the frontbottom)
Hans: "What do you think of the worsening crisis in Afghanastan"
Lars: "Don't bother me now, I'm up to my nuts in girly guts"
by Harry Dixon-Balls April 10, 2008

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