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2 definitions by Harry Balswinkleniger VI

The Latin equivalent of "lol" (laugh out loud). Lolus Auditus was a common expression of ancient Romans in the forum. Many of the people who hung around the /b/ (/roman baths/) area of the forum especially enjoyed the use of this phrase.
Septimius: "Tuum mater scortum magnum est."
Gaius: "Infercio meum phallum longum de inguli tui sororis."
Claudius: "LOLUS AUDITUS!"
by Harry Balswinkleniger VI October 20, 2009
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Bad Larry (or its Latin equivalent, Larrius Malus) is an epithet given to a select few worth of its bad assery. One cannot become a Bad Larry, one is born a Bad Larry. They are usual fairly "chill" and may or may not be annoyed with your antics.
"Bad Larry gave us a fucking pop quiz on Frankenstein in class today."
by Harry Balswinkleniger VI October 20, 2009
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