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When a new concept, series of concepts, or the ensuing discussion of said concepts is so stimulating to the mind that one experiences a climactic mental state akin to the physical state of the orgasm; a mental orgasm. The experience is named for Carl Sagan, as it is through watching or reading his works that this experience is most commonly achieved.
I never knew the universe was so huge. Earth is just, like, a mote of dust, illuminated in a beam of sunlight, floating in the great cosmic ocean. Ooooh, oh man, I think I'm having a Sagasm!

Oh man, so amazing. It okay if I just fall asleep?
#orgasm #carl sagan #epiphany #mental orgasm #according to jim
by Harmonica John October 18, 2010
(noun) A pun on Reaganomics, this term refers to any would-be economic policy of preeminent scientist-philosopher Carl Sagan. Although not a politician himself, Dr. Sagan's political leanings were informed by scientific knowledge and were extremely liberal, progressive, and compassionate.

Examples of Saganomic policies include, but are not limited to:

1) Nuclear disarmament
2) Legalization of cannabis
3) Environmental conservation
4) Understanding the cosmos
Person 1: I am baffled that we pour so much money into the machinery of war while NASA's budget is always being cut. I believe our survival as a species depends on how well we understand the cosmos.

Person 2: Stay away from me with your Saganomics!
#carl sagan #carl #sagan #sagasm #saganova #reaganomics #ecomonics #liberal #cosmos #cannabis
by Harmonica John November 02, 2010
When a right handed person performs a handjob on a partner but only uses his or her left hand, therefore performing a handjob of poor quality.

For the definition of receiving a handjob from an actual left handed person, see abomination.
Person 1: So, did you get anywhere with Suzie last night?

Person 2: Yeah, no, I guess.

Person 1: What do you mean?

Person 2: Well, she gave me a lefty.

Person 1: Ooooh, yikes, I see. Sorry, man. Someday you'll get that manjob.
#handjob #left handed #right handed #bad handjob #manjob
by Harmonica John October 18, 2010
The moment of epiphany when one finally comprehends a complex scientific, mathematical, or philosophical concept.

The term is a combination of the words "Sagan", the last name of the consummate philosopher-scientist Carl Sagan and "supernova", a stellar explosion so luminous that it can briefly outshine an entire galaxy.

A Saganova is not to be confused with a Sagasm, although the implications of the knowledge gained by the former may lead to the latter.
I just don't understand what you mean when you say going through a wormhole would be like folding through space -- whoa, whoa, whoa, Saganova. Got it.
#carl sagan #carl #sagan #sagasm #supernova #science #epiphany #philosphy
by Harmonica John October 29, 2010
1) One who possesses great brilliance when it comes to using the internet, but can barely function in every other aspect of life.

2) One who can retrieve any fact known to humankind using the internet, but retains none of the (useful) knowledge.

3) That person who is always showing everyone viral videos.
1) - Sorry, I couldn't make it to dinner. Google maps wasn't working.

- So use a real map! Man, you're such an internet savant.

2) - Oh, I think I read something about that law.

- Do you think it will pass in Congress?

- Um, what's Congress? Sorry, I'm an internet savant sometimes.

3) - Geez, I don't think we have time for another cat video. How do you find all these things?

- I guess I'm just an internet savant.
#internet #savant #viral video #nerd #gamer #troll #geek #idiot savant
by Harmonica John December 27, 2010
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