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Noun; A group of fuckin talentless fuckheads who cant sing or play any instrument and whom's lead singer is a fucking fag and screams bitches and acts all around gay. the band includes a bunch of fucking retards whom have no idea what there doin and just fuck each other and give one another head in the cheap ass van; they also offer it too anyone that will give them a place to stay if there in town. this band is loved by posers and morons. anyone that likes them should go die. they disgrace music its self.
Stupid ass poser girl: They was soo deep
Hardcore kid: they was soo gay, and i wish death on them.
stupid ass poser girl: you just inscure
hardcore kid: <laughs> your just another dumb cunt that wants to fit in, i hope god shows no pity on those bastards and sends them to hell. foxy shazam should just go away; they make me sick.

( Music sounds like cirus music and should be played in a gay bar; hopefully in Hell )
by Hardcore kid April 10, 2006
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