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Leaving when you don't even want to TRY to handle the situation.
I was walking along at night, when I noticed someone down the street who seemed to be dancing, like waltzing. As I watched, he danced closer, and closer, and closer. I looked away for a second or two to see if anyone else was around, and when I looked back, he had crossed the street to my side, and then crouched down. And then he stopped. I noticed that he had this terrifying cartoon smile on his face. I passed him, being vigilant. He continued to dance away from me in the other direction. He got fairly far away and I started to feel better.

And then I heard the dancing stop, and someone running toward me from his direction. I noped the fuck out, and ran like hell.
by happycookie August 17, 2013
The oily/dusty stuff left on your fingers after you eat chips. Most often left by cheese puffs, but also left in lesser quantities when eating various flavored potato chips like sour cream and onion or barbecue.
Cheeto dust is the most well-known form of chip dust.
by Happycookie May 03, 2011
A slur used to refer to illegal immigrants, used so you don't have to acknowledge that they're human beings.
We need to get all of the illegals out of this country.
by happycookie May 12, 2015
To classify something(like a song or a video) as being part of a particular genre.
The song was hard to genrefy. It was kind of like a mixture between classical music and techno.
by happycookie May 12, 2014
Having sex with a fast food employee.
I was McBanging the girl working the register.
by happycookie April 11, 2014

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