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1 definition by HappyFacedKiller12

an emo kid is a boy/girl who is deeply in touch with their feelings and is not affraid to show them, we often wear dark clothes, tight jeans and small shirts, studded belts and wrist bands. We are not gays or fags just because we are emo, we do whatever the hell we want and dont give a shit, often we will have alot of peircings ad chill in isolated areas, away from the norm (average preppy people) we love emotional music and we are not affraid to cry, we will have long dark hair that often covers atleast one eye we see this world as a beautiful place. We are often obbsesed with love and hearts, because we dislike hate <3
Hey, look at that emo kid sitting by himself, he's probably gonna start crying...
by HappyFacedKiller12 September 16, 2011
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