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San Ramon- Located about 35 miles East of San Farancisco in the San Ramon Valley. San Ramon is mostly white compared to other posts on here, but is growning increasingly with minorities. The average income in SR is about $105,000 a year. The average house in SR costs about 750,000.
You can expect too see Benz's Bimmer's, Denali's on dubs with hot ass moms driving them. On the weeknds you will expect to see the exotic cars out for a sunday drive, and my favorite, the show quality muscle cars.

California High School is the local high school for San Ramon and is regarded by neighboring high schools (San Ramon Valley High, Monte Vista High)as the Getto. Cuz the million dollar houses in San Ramon are more getto than the million dollar homes in Danville...riiight

Kids in San Ramon struggle to find things to do, there is the skate park which was so middle school, then there is IN and Out Burger which San Ramon kids wish they could claim, but the real spot is late night Nation's.

People in San Ramon typically vote Republican, rightfully so. Who wants to pay for someone else to slacks off while they work hard for what they have.

The best place for a high school reunion is El Balazo. Its cool a couple times then you start remembering why you didnt like them in High school.

San Ramon is a great place to raise a family with little to no crime.
Ps. the cops are always on the hunt
San Ramon, CA"
by Happy Cappy September 08, 2008

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