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a combination of gigantic and enormous, yet somehow inexplicably larger. It's at this degree that it recieves the prefix va- in accordance. (can also be used to describe a gaping vagina)
The new pizza hut 24" pizza is vaginormous!
by Happy Bobby January 03, 2005
The beer comprized primarily of water, wheat, hops, smegma, and very very tiny butthairs. The butthairs are used for extra "ass" flavor. This exquisite and refined taste is directly reflected in the cost per can. Do not look for this product in a bottle because it's easier for the people at the factory to piss straight into a can.
Dude 1: Dude, you're getting PBR?
Dude 2: Well yeah dude, we're going to a party.
Dude 1: Ohhh, in case you leave the case there!
Dude 2: Exactly.
by Happy Bobby January 03, 2005

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