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a faint whistle while speaking, usually due to a boogar in one nostril or a sharp cut to the incisor.
Me: Everytime Jermaine tried telling that joke about basketball a high pitched whistle came out of his nose...

Larry: Yeah, I know, I couldnt handle it. He got all Whistley Snipes on our ass.
by Hannukah Bush March 08, 2012
A woman who loves having sex with men that have a tiny penis aka they like to sit on the baby
Jeff - "Megan is so freaking hot, man! I wish I was well endowed, I'd totally show her the goods!"

Danny - "You're in luck my friend, the chick is a total "Baby Sitter", she loves the tiny stuff!

(freeze frame high five)
by Hannukah Bush March 18, 2014

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