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Being attracted to people of both the male and female gender.

Galaxy harbors romantic feelings for both Courtney and Ray because she is bisexual, and is not confused or dying for attention.

by Hannibal Lecter July 13, 2006
Fisting a woman in the vagina and saying wahoo
Ohh baby im gonna go mario on dat pussy
by Hannibal lecter January 16, 2015
1. derogatory term for Homosexual ( Nothing Wrong With being Homosexual)
2. Now means Bitch or asshole
3. a cigarette
1. Asshole: Your such a Fag
2. The person who said the definition above
3. can you give me a fag
by Hannibal lecter July 24, 2014
A person who plays battle field and is a total dick to call of duty fans saying their game is so much better and will not leave cod fans alone.
A battlebigot was being a complete asshole to me yesterday.
by Hannibal lecter July 24, 2014
Being a luigi is being a person who is left out of everything for example Luigi From Super Mario
See tom over there he is so Luigi
by Hannibal lecter January 16, 2015
A website for horrible people to define things.
Joe: Hey look up Russian Candy Cane on Urban Dictionary.
Bill: OK

Bill: OMG who the fuck who wrote that
by Hannibal lecter December 25, 2014
Yesterday i accidentally walked in on my brother doing the hand dance.
by Hannibal lecter October 31, 2014

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