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like a ninja..............................only cooler
Diana was roundhouse-kicked to the face by the NEENJAH lord.
by Hannah <(^^)> March 05, 2008
Diana and her kik-ass save the world moves, like Chuck Norris
Diana was round-house kicked in the face by the NEENJAH lord causing quite a paradox.
by Hannah <(^^)> March 10, 2008
a mild to severe form of wenchaphobia which is characterized by night terrors after watching "The Rock of Love" before bed.
Gabby is afflicted with a severe form of rock-of-love disorder because she is repulsed by watching fake blondes hook up with an old guy.
by Hannah <(^^)> March 31, 2008
a large, yet sneaky woman that disappears in random intervals, but is somehow ALWAYS THERE and WATCHING YOU.
the HOPKINS was gone but Diana knew she was watchin'.
by Hannah <(^^)> March 31, 2008
a spoon dull of a dull gray-ish meat-like substance. It can be found in the wilds of the cafeteria and is highly intelligent.
Diana grimaces as ahe sees her friend about to eat a meat spoon.
by Hannah <(^^)> March 12, 2008
a threat bestowed upon a wench before one has no choice but to "slap a bitch"
Gabbay was going to root pry yo ass before Diana came to slap a bitch.
by Hannah <(^^)> March 18, 2008

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