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An unnecessary mispronunciation of the word "regardless".
Guy 1: "Irregardless of what people think"...

Guy 2: (after punching Guy 1 in the face) "Say irregardless again! Say it!"
by Hank McDizzleson July 03, 2008
Idiotic way of spelling "loser". Most often used by teens and adults with no more than a 2nd grade grammar level.
Guy 1: OMG! Todd is such a looser!

Guy 2: I told myself I was going to do this do the next person I saw spelling the word "loser" like that; so now I am going to set your house on fire. You brought this upon yourself.
by Hank McDizzleson July 03, 2008
Something Snoop Dogg carries an umbrella for.
Guy 1: Why you got thatumbrella?

Snoop: Fo Drizzle!!!!
by hank mcdizzleson August 05, 2008
Obligatorily having to take a break from CoD to satisfy your woman.
"Sorry fellas; the wench needs some schlong. It's the Call of Booty-gotta go"
by Hank McDizzleson May 21, 2010
An idiotic way to pronounce the word "nuclear". Whats worse is most of them know how the word is spelled yet still insist on saying "nucular"
Guy 1: The way the world is right now, we're probably headed toward nucular war"

Guy 2: (after karate chopping Guy 1 in the face) "What the hell is a "nucular war"? I am going to chop you in the face again you worthless troll!"
by Hank McDizzleson July 03, 2008
A common mispronunciation of the word "especially"
I like eating mayonaisse right out of the jar; expecially on a hot summer day"
by Hank McDizzleson July 03, 2008
The reason most of those bitches are on Maury in the first place.
Damn right you are not the father! But go ahead and take care of it, because my dick has places to be.
by Hank McDizzleson May 21, 2010

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