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Being completely unprofessional. Beyond the acceptable realm of ethics or corporate behavior standards as defined in any typical office setting.
Bill: 'Uhm, yeah ... Dave ... can we talk for a minute?'
Dave: 'Sure, sure ... what's up?'
Bill: 'Well, that pornographic mash-up you sent around of your co-worker ... that's definitely 'over the line' ... you shouldn't have sent that around to everyone in the department.'
Dave: 'Oh ... okay ... well, I guess I know where the line is now.'
Bill: 'Well, you should have used some decency and common sense before sending that around. I'm going to have to let you go.'
by Handy K June 24, 2009
Moving the cursor with your mouse over the breast area of an online photo. Fixation on the breasts or other enticing attributes of a woman on the net.
I caught Bill blousing over the latest pics of Pamela Anderson on Yahoo! News. I gotta admit, I immediately went back to my desk for some hot blouse over action my damn self!
by Handy K June 24, 2009

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