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the best rapper ever made

WAY better than all these whack-ass rappers nowdays
I think your crazy
If you like Jay-Z
Don't "Change Clothes", change the cd
Murphy Lee "What Da Hook Gon' Be"
Cuz you do need a hook and another beat
Jermain Dupree you know you wrong
Fucked up Chingy's song
Ha Ha

Cant stand no muthafuckin Ying-Yang Twin
I think Little Jon and the Eastside Boyz
Is a ignorant, irritatin', bunch a noise
If you don't give a damn go and throw it out
If you don't give a damn go and throw it out
The windooooow up against the wall
Laugh when the muthufuker fall
These fools can't rap at all
I'll never buy a tune
From the Neptune
When they beat come on I hope it go off soon
Fabulous, What fabulous about him?
I think he terrible
Music unbearable
Rippin off Mase
With that look on his face
Aww man, I rest my case
Kelis, Wow
I hate her so much right now
"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard"
Who gave her a record deal? Oh my god...
Kalis, this is what I want you to do:
Get on your knees face me
I got a milkshake for you and its tasty
Puff Daddy
Enough already
Now it's P. Diddy
Still sound shitty
How can your group be called a band?
Nobody plays an instrument man
Missy Eliot, she looks like Halie Berry
thats scary
(to the tune of Missy Eliot's shitty song "Work It")
Her cd ain't worth it
Put your money in you pocket and reverse it x2
50 cent. Look at him, he don't even move his mouth when he rap.
He be rappin' like Mike Tyson or somthing.
(a lot of mumbling to a new beat, imitating 50 Cent's shitty style)

"I'll teach you how to stunt"
Teach me how to stunt?
They need to let me teach them how to roll a fat blunt
How to get drunk and take it easy
And stop making songs so cheesy
Now Mannie Fresh
is actually fresh
And Juvenille
I like his style
But the worst rapper I ever heard man
Is the whack-ass muthafuckin Birdman
What about Silkk the Shocker
"My name is Silkk and I'll shock you"
ha ha ha
Oh no!
I've just been Shocked by Silkk the Shocker
by Hairy Culo March 19, 2005

By the one the only, the succesful failer ,the winning loser, the acceptable reject, Afroman the best rapper in the world to date on the song "Back to School" and if any of yall have sumthin to say about it you can go suck on ludacris's ass because he sucks and he only talks he doesn't even rap to the beat
Afroman: "Mama, ima go to the Univeristy of Smoking Marajuana all of my friends go to USM so ima tag along and hit tha bong wit them..."
by Hairy Culo February 23, 2005

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