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1 definition by Haenus Anus

An individual seen in both educated and younger voter circles as a fresh voice in American politics. Often seen in a "too good to be true," dissent. He is edgy, yet reserved. This half blessing, half curse leads some to the conclusion that his statements include a 'double-meaning' texture that is judged against the current administrations flat and often blatantly noninclusive fashion of reason.
Guy One: It is cold in here.

Guy Two: No it isn't, are you speaking to some higher plateau of your seemingly honest statement, such as 'the nature of this conversation is uncomfortably impersonal?'

Guy One: No, I mean quite literally that the temperature is slightly lower than would be comfortable.

Guy Two: You said "quite," so I'm probably not voting for you, Obama, fancy man.
by Haenus Anus May 20, 2008