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A new scene fad that has emerged in recent months.
Sometimes reffered to as Nu Rave.
Popular among "popular" indie jock types, who use daddy's money to buy flourescent clothing and "save the rave" tshirts before going to clubs and dancing with stupid glowsticks in their hands.
The term was jokingly coined by the Klaxons who since have disowned the term, saying it was a joke.. but as usual, retarded scene kids latched onto the term, calling it new rave, even though the music has NOTHING to do with Rave.
Generally it involves making god-aweful techno sounds with keyboards backed with pumping basslines.
Bands associated with the movement are Hadouken!, Klaxons and CSS among others.

Hopefully this piece-of-shit movement will reach saturation point quickly and fuck-off back into obscurity so that my eyes can stop being assaulted by the aweful fashion associated with it.
Indie Kid: "OOOOOH New Rave is so original and fun".

Sane person: "Shut the fuck up, this isn't music, it hurts my ears"

by Hadouken suck June 16, 2007

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