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Similar to turt, only a stupid idiot that deserves to be named after a piece of shit.
"Look at that Terd being an emo. Now everyone knows that retards like being bitchy about their problems!"
by Hades Bitch August 26, 2008
a sound a butt makes therefore someone that is called that deserves to be considered a stupid ass.
"What a turt!"
by Hades Bitch August 26, 2008
A retard saying, "Amen!" to every saying in the bible. AKA Christian Fanatic. Not to be confused with deeply religious Catholics and Evangelicals.
"Thou shall spill the seed in the whore's womb than to spill it onto the ground."

A Jesus Freak: "Amen Brother! Now to hunt me down some queers!"

by Hades Bitch August 26, 2008
A small whiny fart sound, describing a complete motard that nobody likes because he/she's gayer than fuck.
"Look at Churt. Can't you see he's just a turt?"
by Hades Bitch August 26, 2008
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