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Definition of a Mush-Head =

1.) A pill-popping freeloader.
2.) A drug addict who is too far gone to be helped
3.) Someone who takes so many drugs their brain has turned to mush!
4.) One who breaks everything and almost burns down houses in a drugged out coma, just to wake up on her/his laptop with salad on her/his face and have no clue as to what’s going on!
5.) One who stutters worse than Porky Pig
6.) A genuinely trashy person with no self worth that volunteers for scientific studies just to try out new pills!
Take a look at Tina, she's all Mushed out again!

The Mush-Head came to the pool and face planted into those metal chairs.

Mush-Head Language - "wha wha wha wha wha whattt tttt tttiii tiiime ssss it?!@#"
by Had 2 Live W/ a Mush September 29, 2009

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