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To completely ignore simple commands. To fail at things such as simple coding. To disregard any persons request to be a better person as a whole. To be ignorant in most ways.
That was a blinkz move you just did. You acted like blinkz. You need to stop acting like a blinkz. Did you just pull a blinkz?
#blinks #binkz #iblinkz #blink #binks
by htr ativan August 05, 2010
A problem solver. The "go to" person if anything goes wrong. A successful person. One that "gets the job done". A witty person. "The Man". "The Dude". One who can figure it all out.
Need help? xorth is your man.
The xorth can fix it for you.
You really need xorth for that.
I need xorth to handle this situation.
#xorth #drunken xorth #z #xorf #zorth #xorthy #xorthmeister
by HTR Ativan August 07, 2010
Another name for a prowler (a vehicle in Halo 3). Any vehicle That hovers slightly off of the ground. Other vehicles from the Halo series that can be deemed a roflsled are the specter from Halo 2 and the Revenant in Halo: Reach.
Some people even use a sort of chant while in a roflsled as they approach someone they know theyare about to splatter; "rofl rofl rofl rofl"
Im grabbing the roflslead.
I call roflsled.
I just splattered him with the roflsled.
#roflslead #roflcopter #rofl #roflcraft #roflsleed
by HTR Ativan August 07, 2010
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