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An individual that constantly screws something up, a detriment to society.
"That farfengul is an asshole, he threw out the answers to the homework!"

"Yo soy farfengul"
by HOOD CLANS November 21, 2008
Ignorant, someone who doesnt know who they are talking about or what is being talked about.
Jason: "I'm coming over today definitly!"
Zack/Bri/Austin: "OK Jay"

Then Jason never came over. So.... coontietie
by HOOD CLANS November 21, 2008
Someone that is stouch, coontietie, minguia moscas, and farfengul all at one time. This person completely sucks and has no meaning.
"Get the FUCK off my property stewgotts!!!"
by HOOD CLANS November 21, 2008
When two things are incredibly stuck.
When the interlocking legs of school desk cannot be removed by natural means: the original "stouch"
by HOOD CLANS November 21, 2008
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