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2 definitions by HOLYSPIRIT Ghostbuster

Rachel Maddow is a newscaster on MSNBC with her own show who is pretty damn liberal, pretty damn hot, and pretty damn lesbian. She knows her way around a hot metal microphone in the hand and next to her lips, if you know what I mean.
Keith Olbermann: "Goddammit Rachel Maddow is so hot but I'll never get to get in her pantsuit. I'll just hit on Ann Curry out of sexy spite."
by HOLYSPIRIT Ghostbuster March 13, 2009
sexy spite (n) is an arousing feeling coming from a desire to prove someone or some concept wrong.
Q. "How can one fap to a book that rips on birth control and tries to convince the reader that fapping is bad?"
A. "Out of sexy spite, duh!"
by HOLYSPIRIT Ghostbuster March 13, 2009