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The single-handedly most beautiful Mofo that has ever set foot on this planet. He is highly trained in the skills of Ninja Jutsu and Fashion. Some examples of his Jutsu attacks are Wind Scar, Ninja Fire Jutsu, and Big Bang Boom. He runs like a total badass with his hands behind his back. His fashion skills do not go without notice. He wears a black fedora, any superhero shirt, and a big puffy vest. He wears glasses that allow him to see through your clothes. He lives in his own world, and doest realize it. He calls random people Mayor and President. If you ever meet him, he may hump your leg and through up in his hands. And if he doesnt like you, he will find you, and he will kill you.
by HDWhynot April 13, 2010
Sprinting full speed through homeless people while pushing a shopping cart
"Dude, check out this shopping cart I stole"
"Want to go Hobowling?"
by HDWhynot April 03, 2013

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