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An obsession with which you cannot stop watching the Vampire Diaries. SYMPTOMS: falling in love with one (or both) of the Salvator brothers; staying up until 3 a.m. finishing a series; watching 52 episodes in less than a week; finding yourself frequently day dreaming about one (or more) of these characters. CURE: watch more Vampire Diaries.
"Hey, wanna hang?"

"Cant.. i watching VD."


"Shh.. no text. distracting me."

"Vampire Diaries AGAIN? You haven't stopped watching that show for the past week! You need to see a doctor about that VD-craving."
by HB loves HP November 07, 2011
The fear that Hedwig (the owl from the Harry Potter series) will swoop down at any moment and bite your fingers off one-by-one.
"Hey, let's go outside!"

"Sorry... I can't. I have Hedwig-itis."
by HB loves HP November 07, 2011
Future Mrs. Potter. (Going to marry Harry Potter of course.) Amazingly awesome, shortish, ball-of-awesome, artistic, beautiful, super smart, and she loves watching HP movies and the Vampire Diaries.
"Wow... what a hottie."

"I've heard she is super smart."

"Do you know her name?"

"Well It's kind of obvious... Haley Barks... duhhh??"
by HB loves HP November 07, 2011
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