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An erection so hard, your dick splits in two and an even bigger boner is revealed
That hot slut in the turd splitter gave me a total skin splitter...I better split...
by HB November 29, 2004
spicy-food-induced diarrhea that makes you feel like flames are coming outta your ass
Fuck, man, I woke up in the middle of the night with some serious-ass firerrhea after scarfin' all that "Dave's Insanity Salsa"...fuckin' had to wipe with aloe 'n' shit...
by HB December 02, 2004
term used to describe a fat, smelly, whinning little brat who's always acting up in public while the trashy parents do nothing about it.
I totally wanted to gattling gun the fuck outta that gum-smackin' road whore and her little tweenkie-eatin' stinker at the dentist office today...Christ!
by HB November 30, 2004
Hairy greasy gross guys, usually wearing wifebeaters who wistles and yells at women he has no chance with as they walk by. can be called a squiggy.
jose and tom whistled at girls from the 7-11 parking lot they were Squiggy McNasties.
by HB February 22, 2005
when you spend all day staring at CASTS and making ppt slides.
You usually get datahead when you are forced to be a chart monkey.
by HB July 30, 2003
some guy whos fucking pro at cs
by hb August 07, 2003
Saddam has done nothing wrong? Let us talk about who is ignorant now. Whether you agree with the war in Iraq or not Saddam Hussein is a mass murderer...does anyone remember the kurds? Saddam is a mass murderer and tyrant who formerly ruled over the people of Iraq.
Hitler, Osama Bin Laden
by HB November 29, 2004

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